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stop loss in your trades
Now, if we pay more attention to risk management of capital and money management, along with a reliable trading method for entering and leaving the market, surely the final balance of our transactions will come with high profits. There is a need to reiterate this issue, which is a major factor behind the failure of more than 90% of traders at the end of the fiscal year in the Forex market, the lack of knowledge or non-use of reliable methods in risk management of capital and money, which sets a reasonable limit Losses (S / L) are also important components of these sciences.توصيات مجانية للعملات
It's also interesting to note that most of the market's disadvantages at the end of the year are traders who have the correct trading strategy and their only difficulty is the inadequate implementation of the rules of the management of capital and money in its entirety. Usually, traders who have a steady strategy in They are not at a loss, they are far worse off than the above at the end of the year. Many of the people who are not losing out on their trading system are responding to the question of why you are reluctant to put a stop loss in your trades? We say that we are at about the middle of a rigorous range of price fluctuations. So anyway the price will return to its previous location!
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But if this prediction does not happen, and the rate, the new trend, and so much to your disadvantage, then how? What will happen to deals with high losses? Do you know that in addition to having a high-risk transaction in your trading portfolio, if you have a great opportunity, your current equiy will not allow this transaction! In this case, your capital will have a chance on this market. It will be far fewer than ever to profit. Some people answer the question of why you allow your money to be easily eliminated? They say that money is a money transaction of high risk. So, if it goes away, it will be natural ... How well can such a response be reasonable?

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