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Bicycle Traveling Vietam
If you are considering bicycle traveling Vietnam, then we say, great for you, you daring spirit! Vietnam is a stunning destination, and traveling Vietnam by bicycle is the perfect way to get off the tourist path. Bike touring Vietnam could be hard though! Keep reading to learn if bicycle touring Vietnam is ideal for you.
What is in our guide to bicycle touring Vietnam?
1. Food & Drink Vietnam
2. Accommodation & Camping at Vietnam
3. Dogs & Other Dangers at Vietnam
We spent two decades bicycle vacationing in 22 countries around the world, such as Vietnam. Bike touring Vietnam is exceptionally ambitious, both physically and emotionally, but also incredibly rewarding.
This is the type of thing you have to observe when bicycle touring Vietnam!
Our Vietnamese bicycle tour took us out of Vietnam's northern boundary with China (where we cycled for 4 weeks ), along the shore to world-famous Halong Bay and to Hanoi, among our favorite Asian cities.
We have spent nearly a year complete in Vietnam, travelling in a variety of ways.
On our bicycle tour in Vietnamwe adored:
· Finding our way along deserted rice area paths
· Meeting local Men and Women who were not involved in the tourist sector
If you would like to challenge yourself on a bicycle tour in Vietnam, here is...
If you are an omnivore rather than squeamish about eating meals you can not really spot, Vietnamese food will readily fill your hungry cycle tourist stomach.
From the towns and main tourist destinations, it is possible to find enormous bowls of noodle soup, fragrant stir fries, and all sorts of beef for only a couple of dollars each meal. Breakfast bahn mi really are a terrific source of gas for the street also, and generally cost 50 cents to a buck.
If you're able to discover the proper foods in Vietnam, they're yummy!
Outside the towns, omnivores might discover that lunch is bizarre bowl of noodles using god-knows-what indoors, whilst dinner may not be far better. Dog meat is extremely common (search for the words Thịtchó on restaurant signs) and in some specific regions, horse meat can also be served. But if you consume meat , what is the difference, right?
Vegans and vegetarians will not have any trouble getting fed from the large towns and tourist destinations.
For vegans, it is almost impossible locate food away in the towns, if you don't talk perfect Vietnamese! Though tofu is quite common, we had to eat a good deal of eggs while bicycle touring Vietnam since we could not receive any other protein.
We also had to undermine a few occasions and consume noodle soup which was clearly made out of bone broth. Provided that we weren't shovelling hunks of beef to our mouths (which happened unintentionally over once)we felt blessed!
Great snacks are also somewhat hard to find from the countryside. There are loads of strange crisps and other packed crap, but you are better off stocking on locally packed nuts and dried fruits in roadside stalls once you visit them!
Before we have to Asiawe shipped all of our camping gear home. Though some bicycle tourists do camp in Asia, we're happy to wind up in a hotel or guest house each evening.
To begin with, it is not simple to locate a camping place at which the whole village will soon come out to greet you personally and have a conversation in Vietnamese.
Fresh water is practically impossible to find too, which means you are going to need to take a great deal of bottled water for you campsite.
Accommodation is ample, comfortable, and economical in Vietnam!
Plus -- and this is really a huge plus -- lodging in Vietnam is amazingly high quality and very cheap. For $10-15/night (or less depending on where you are) you can find a clean, nice little resort room having a private bath and breakfast included. Why would you wish to camp?
We are not gontlie, traffic in Vietnam could be a complete fucking nightmare. Except for the speech, however you'll also use that phrase several times while you're bicycle traveling Vietam!
However, as soon as you become accustomed to the rhythm and rules of the street in Vietnam (that can be completely different than the rules at the west), it may be fairly entertaining

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