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How to Work MQL5 Signal Service Synchronization
How to Work MQL5 Signal Service Synchronization

For example, we have become signal customers from one of the providers in MQL5. After subscribing to the signal, we cannot immediately start trading by imitating the provider signal.

First of all, our trading account needs to be synchronized with the signal provider account. The process runs automatically once our terminal is connected to the server. So, we don't have to bother looking for menus or "synchronization" buttons on our terminal. The purpose of synchronization is to equalize the initial trading conditions between the customer and the signal provider and prevent the loss of the customer if the market conditions do not benefit the customer.

However, for the system to synchronize, the following two conditions must be fulfilled:

    Customer's trading account is not in an active buy / sell position and there is no pending order.
    the provider's total floating profit amount must be negative or zero.

If the customer's buy-sell or pending order position is still active and not the same as the position of the provider, the system will attempt to synchronize the customer account and provider account and display a dialog window informing that the customer's trading position is out of sync with the signal provider position. Therefore, customers are asked to:

    Close all current trading positions, cancel all pending orders, and allow the system to synchronize right away.
    If you want to take risks, check the box "I am aware of the risk and I agree to synchronize positions and orders immediately".
    Next, click the "Close positions and synchronize now" button.


    If the customer does not want to close the position and the pending order is active, click the "I will check manually" button.
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On the other hand, if the provider's total floating profit is positive, a dialog window will appear at the customer terminal that informs the situation and asks if the customer wants to take risks to synchronize. If yes, tick "I am aware of the risk and I agree to synchronize trade positions immediately".

Please note that if the floating profit provider is in a positive status, it means that the best market conditions may almost reach its peak, and therefore it is not the right time for the customer to copy the signal. So, if you want to delay synchronization until the provider floating profit position becomes negative, click the "Wait for better market conditions" button.
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Before the floating profit becomes negative, the customer terminal will not be synchronized and the trading signal will not be copied. Why delay until the total floating profit is negative? The answer is simple: so that customers do not enter the market at a price worse than the price when the provider enters the market.

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